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Yuki's information

Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:46 am
by Yukitwist
Hello, this is Yuki, I am the admin on the Rethia Server. I was born in 2001 on November 29th. I am a junior in high school, class of 2019 <:. I like to draw, read books, and take pictures. I've been in the Rethia server for quite a long time now, and I'm pretty good at building! I don't know a lot about commands... but I'm getting there. I'm happy to assist anyone with building or etc. I'm not too good with English, but you can understand me pretty well once you get to know me. I like to play bedwars and skywars on Hypixel. Most of the time I play on bedwars and usually do defense. I'm also a great PVPer (as long as I don't lag haha). If anything sketchy happens the server, please let me or the staff know so we can discuss it and figure something out. Make sure to provide evidence so we don't mess anything up. Add me on discord at #Yukitwist4131 and also my gamertag in minecraft is YukiStars. If you would like to ask me any questions or if something comes up on the server. I and the staff can solve any situation. If you see an unknown player griefing or doing anything bad, let us know and just leave the rest to us. Remember, as stated in rules, you must have a valid reason for why the server should kick or ban a person. If you would like to join our discord server, let us know, so we can add you!

-Yuki :shock: